Sample Essay

Hutterites live in large agricultural colonies segregated from the larger society. Colony buildings, clustered like а small village on several thousand acres of land, are often hidden from major highways. А typical colony will have approximately ninety adults and children. Rural settings insulate colonists somewhat from the outside world, leading one Hutterite to conclude, “We have our own little country (Adam 2-5).”

Although outside salespeople and suppliers visit colonies regularly, they are physically cloistered from the outside world. Their agricultural and business operations are linked to the economy of the region, but residential segregation insulates colonists from daily interaction with outsiders. Nearby colonies often help each other with special projects that require extra labor, and they join together for weddings and funerals, but the world of the local colony is the world of the typical Hutterite. Without access to television and other mass media, life revolves around the cares of fewer than а hundred kindred souls.

The colony lives as an extended family eating meals together in а common dining hall and sharing laundry facilities. Each family has an apartment with а coffee area, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. Long barrack-like houses with several apartments, the common dining hall, and the church building provide the main living facilities. The average family has five or six children.

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