Sample Essay

Holiday Inn is an American film of 1942 that employs this method of montage and which will be discussed in this paper. The film revolves around an inn where are held shows during the holidays. There are two montage sequences in this film. The first montage of the film comes when the Independence Day show is in play. It is a 50 second montage during the time when Crosby is singing the freedom song.

The producer has combined many different images of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, people working in aircraft factories or the movements that take place in a military unit, such as the march of the troops or when the tanks can be seen moving from place to place. Each shot has around six images. These images, when put together, give a similar impression – that of Americans and war and everything military and political.

The next montage sequence comes up as the film is about to end and this one shows the “passage of time” as Deleuze has said that montage expresses time (Deleuze, Cinema 2: The Time-Image 161). The previous montage had been very clear regarding the scenes. In this second sixty second montage the producer has done quite a bit of layering of several images in a blurry manner. During these sixty seconds is shown the time period from the Independence Day to Thanksgiving. Most of the time it shows six images together and just once is a single shot shown.

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