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Such fundamental processing types can later on have an effect upon the so common halo effect in relationships. From research having been conducted it has been concluded that love leads to a positively biased, idealized viewpoint regarding the lover [ (Brickman, 1987); (Hall, Taylor, & E, 1976); (Murray, Holmes, & Griffith, 1996); (Swann, de la Ronde, & Hixon, 1994); (Taylor & Brown, 1988)Murray et al., 1996 S.L. Murray, J.G. Holmes and D.W. Griffin, The benefits of positive illusions: Idealization and the construction of satisfaction in close relationships, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 70 (1996), pp. 79–98. Abstract | Full Text via CrossRef | View Record in Scopus | Cited By in Scopus (288)].

Generally, it has been seen that the positivity phenomenon is actually a result of the halo effect which when explained is just a lack of differentiation of the aspects that have no relation with each other (Thorndike, 1920). When focused upon properly it will be said that a local processing style should be giving support to differentiation procedures, while a global processing style could actually bring about an opposite effect. A very recent finding of (Forster J. , Relations between perceptual and conceptual scope: How global versus local processing fits a focus on similarity versus dissimilarity, 2009) was the proof of there being some kind of an association between differentiation processes and perceptual processing styles. For this purpose the researcher primed global versus local perception and discovered that there existed a similarity search upon global priming and it was the opposite in case of a local priming. Therefore, there is a very great probability of lust being a trigger to a local processing style which enhances the differentiation that may be present between aspects, while on the other hand a global processing style destroys it.

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