Sample Essay

Group psychotherapy is a type of therapy for psychoanalysis in which multiple therapists can be engaged in treating a group of clients as a collective lot. The group format is adopted in the measure of treating the patients who are encourage to seek therapy in groups. The types of therapy which can be delivered in this format include the cognitive behavioral therapy, the interpersonal therapy, gestalt therapy as well as other therapies which seek to explore and examine group interaction and relationship building by individuals under the group process.

The objective of the group psychotherapy is to determine the psychodynamics pertaining to groups to collective individuals, and the impact group has on the performance of an individual. Some of the aspects of individual performance which are analyzed pertain to anger management, relaxation training, social skills training as well as conducting expressive therapies to increase the social and interaction skills of the group therapy participants.

The paper discusses one of the group therapies in detail, the gestalt therapy. The gestalt therapy theory is elaborated upon in the following sections and the applications of the gestalt theory are explored. The process of the Gestalt therapy is examines and the principles of the therapy as they apply to the process are discussed. Additionally research conducted in the field of group psychotherapy as well as Gestalt therapy is reviewed. The personal development of the patients and participants in the Gestalt therapy is also examined along with the benefits of the therapy and its resultant effects. The limitations and multicultural considerations pertaining to the Gestalt theory are also highlighted.

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