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The different types of mass media include the print media, the electronic media and the new age media. The forms of decentralized new media pertain to blogs, websites and talk radio. The interactive media forms include chat rooms, social networking sites and digital forums.

Communication played the role of facilitating a social movement pertaining to the ending of the feudalism and the commencement of the age of reason where the right of the rulers was replaced by the choices and the needs of the governed. The change was initiated as a result of the Gutenberg printing method in 1440. Similarly contemporary media was one of the highlights in the Industrial Revolution which received immense support from the development.


The principle of freedom of press is a well known ideology which is adopted by the developed nations throughout the world, and it is the main principle which binds together democracy and communication.
Structuralism proposes that an entity is made up of different parts or components which make it complete. Structuralism is the basis on which semiotics analysis is conducted and states that the independent signifier is superior to the signified in the context.. The Post-structuralism on the other hand is a response to the French philosopher who proposed structuralism and states that label is not of importance while the signifier and the signified are essentially not united but cannot be separated as well.

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