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Another reason behind such women not moving out is that they do not have the resources to move out. They may not be having the support of their family or friends, which could be in turn because they are too humiliated to expose their situation to them. Such women are totally, psychologically as well as financially dependent upon their partners, who take advantage of that fact and abuse them regularly (McNulty, Crowe, Kroening, VanLeit, & Good, 2009)[i].

The public assistance programs are also not enough. This is even more so the case with the women with children. They cannot simply take their kids just anywhere without knowing that they will be able to feed them. Their worry regarding their children is more and again, the financial dependence they have upon their partners restrains them from moving out. Also, being a single parent is not an easy task, more so when it is the woman who is the parent. Women are not given equal rights in all cases and custodial rights may remain with the undeserving father.

[i] McNulty, M. C., Crowe, T. K., Kroening, C., VanLeit, B., & Good, R. (2009). Time Use of Women With Children Living in an Emergency Homeless Shelter for Survivors of Domestic Violence. OTJR, 29(4), 183-190.

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