Sample Essay

The main differentiating factor between the works of Achebe and those of others is that the author actually went through and saw the horrors that are depicted in this works of literature. Some of the traditional practices actually happened in when Achebe was alive and the destruction of the Ogidi people was also predominant in the early 20th century. This provides how the work by Achebe is influenced greatly by the experinces of his forefathers.            

These three works are integral in the exploration of English literature.  While Conrad, Coleridge, and Achebe put forth work that contrasts the vast differences between a land and its culture with the outsiders who infiltrate, they simultaneously draw similarities that make us see that many aspects of the human condition are unchanging. However the language which is used by the authors is quite different, in terms of the context of the literature, and the attitude adopted by the authors in their works is also significantly varied from each other. The study of such diverse literature enables us to identify the differences that exist between the different cultures, lands, religions as well as races that exist in the world. By reading and developing our ability to analyze works like these we get closer to understanding our own human nature and the inherent relationship we have with the culture into which we are born.

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