Sample Essay

The ethical issues that faced by the b2b and the b2c sites on the internet are essentially the same and the intonation of the ethical issues are taken differently due to the different characteristics of the audience and the target customers of the two types of business sites. Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are the main ethical issue that is associated with the b2c site. The customers of the b2c site require guarantees and seals of approval regarding the authenticity of the b2c site and the business.

This is to avoid interaction with internet based scam business operations. Moreover when it comes to marketing of products, services and conditions of purchase and use, the b2c are often targeted more as compared to the b2b sites. This is mostly because of the fact that the customers of the b2b sites undergo personal selling interactions with the b2b business that increased their knowledge of the products/ service and provides them support about then legality of the b2b business. The b2c business on the other and deals with the masses of consumers and therefore no personal selling takes place. This reduces the reliability of the company and its integrity which needs to be ensured by the business through certification to provide their authenticity as well as legal warranties. “For example, if you sell electrical fixtures B2C, you have to assume that a non-trained person may be installing it, so need to make it extra safe and fool proof. But if you sell the same fixture for use in an Industrial Plant (B2B), it is safer to assume that a trained electrician will be installing it.” (Robertdjones, 2004)

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