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Technology Environment

The technology environment can influence the shipping container terminal directly a it can result in the development of technology which can create facilitation for the shipping container terminal pertaining to the hydraulics, or electronic technology used in cranes for the lifting and the loading unloading of containers at the terminal. Aside from this the development ion the technological environment can also increase the facilities pertaining to security that are available to the terminal.

Climatic Environment

The climatic environment also tends to influence the shipping container terminal as it can change the climatic characteristics of the region. The increase in global warming in increasing the water levels in certain areas while it is draining the water levels in others. This kind of climatic change can result in decreasing the water level at the shipping container terminal which can make the terminal become obsolete and defunct.

 Infrastructure Environment

The infrastructure environment can also affect the shipping container terminal it directly influences the development and the presence and repair of the infrastructure available to the shipping container terminal. This infrastructure takes the form of warehouses, storage facilities, technology and equipment for lifting heavy weights, water draining and gateway technology as well as the road and railway links. The telecommunication structure also comes under this envelopment.

Socio-Cultural Environment

The socio cultural environment is not a direct influencing factor for the shipping container terminal. But it can indirectly influence the profitability and the economic activity taking place in the region. The orientation of the people in the socio-cultural context pertaining to investment, savings and commercialism can increase the economic transactions of the country. The development of relations with countries through immigration can bring in labor skilled labor as well as knowledge which can affect the economic activity at the shipping container terminal in a positive way.

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