Sample Essay

The bush administration has been aggressively working in order to protect the country from the harsh realities of a full blown recession. In order to make this happen the SEC has launched stringent rules and regulation according to which mortgage is not offered to anyone in the prime market. In fact the approval; of the mortgagee in the sector has become highly selective.

“The initiative was announced as Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor, offered to reinsure the municipal bond portfolios of three troubled bond guarantors, a move that, together with the Bush plan, bouyed Wall Street investors searching for any good news about the troubled mortgage market.But Buffett’s offer, already rejected by one of the companies, would do little to alleviate the problems they are facing on the guarantees they have made to investors who hold securities backed by mortgages, consumer loans and other assets.” (Bajaj & Story, 2008) The scenario therefore depicts that aggressive measures need to be taken in order to enable the economy to stand through the recession and to avoid the trickling effect of the recession on to the international markets and economies as well.

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