Sample Essay

Aside from this the demand of the manufacturers, the shippers pertaining to the cargo plays a main part for the utilization of the shipping port container terminals. The increase and decrease of the exports and imports can also affect the economic activity taking place at the terminal. The consumption level in the country as well as the population increase and the level of employment pose as external factors which determine economic activity of the terminal port.

The supply factors that affect the economic activity at the terminal port include availability of the cargo, the services provided by the partners as well as the terminal line services provided by the shipping port. Other factors that contribute to the external environment of the shipping port container terminals pertains to the investment climate of the port, the construction costs in the region, the labor costs in the region, the minimum wage required in the country as well as the logistic and information technology support available to the shipping port container terminal.  Other factors include the warehouse costs, the taxation policy and any new infrastructure or logistics development strategy that might be proposed by the government.

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