Sample Essay

Orality is very common inCanadawhen it comes to communication as it is used as the primary method of communication between parties where the spoken words are decoded by the audience. The literate communication is also another form of common communication taking place using published material On the other hand electronic communication is also significantly gaining importance as more and more people in the society have access to computers and have learnt to use the internet.

The media bias is the bias attitude taken by the professionals in the field like journalists and media managers when it comes to reporting and the coverage of events and news. An example of media bias is the stereotyped reporting used when reporting on theMiddle East. The time bias in terms of communication is the bias attitude taken when reporting on a subject matter. Covering a report in the news extensively while not giving another equally important news item less air time is a form of time bias. Space bias occurs when agenda setting initiatives are taken by monopolizing media giants to control the message being communicated. The monopoly of the US television media can be seen as a form of space bias.

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