Sample Essay

With diversity come varied beliefs in different areas; for instance in their priorities, assumptions and understandings. Such beliefs result from prior experience and training that a person receives and the reason could be such differences in resource allocation and reward disparities. It has been proposed that two kinds of conflicts actually affect task performance, and these are intragroup task conflict and intragroup emotional conflict (Pelled, Eisenhardt, & Xin, 1999). Each of these will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Because of varied beliefs employees have divergent preferences and understanding regarding the tasks to be performed. It is such deviations that result in intragroup task conflict. Examples of intragroup task conflict can be regarding the distribution of resources, processes and instructions, and regarding the way different facts are interpreted. A marketing team may have conflicts resulting from different perspectives which may be that some are considering traditional direct marketing and the rest wish for a viral marketing campaign. The conflict could be because of demographic diversity; in this case the older employees may have different and more traditional views as compared to the younger ones. It could also be that the males do not wish to include the females within the decision making process or that employees have had different experiences in their past which have shaped their beliefs.

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