Sample Essay

Through observation and research it has been identified that the main reason for the development and the widespread popularity of Chinese cuisine in the west has been the nature of the cuisine itself in being exotic, adaptable and nutritious, as well as great tasting.

Aside from this one of the main contributors to the success of Chinese cuisine as a worldwide take away and culinary experience is based on the devastation and destruction of the East Asian economies specifically in the period following the end of the World War II. “Since people rarely emigrate when they’re happy, it stands to reason that disasters in other parts of the world have enriched the American table. Certainly, the obverse is true. Immigration policies that are restrictive have done nothing to enhance the nation’s diet, as chop suey would attest.” (O’Neill, 1996)

In an attempt to support themselves in these region, these communities started bringing their culture and food to the region which they sold through small restaurants, street shops and exotic diners to the west civilization, thus proving them with an array of different yet easy affordable and mouthwatering cuisine.

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