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What is noteworthy is that although research on market orientation is abundant, most of the past studies mainly focused on manufacturing sectors (Eraqi pp.469-92). Recently, some studies have attempted to validate the market orientation model and its scale in some service sectors, such as financial services, health care services, and architectural services. However, relatively few researchers have addressed (Thakor pp.394-407), in the empirical sense, the proposition that the adoption of market orientation leads to improved performance in the hotel industry, especially in an Asian context.

                The frames of today’s market environment are, to а large extent, determined by globalisation trends in all the industries and nearly all the countries of the world. During the past several decades (Thompson pp.45-8. ), globalisation has penetrated into the tourism. This is why the marketing effectiveness in the sense of impacts of marketing practices on business performance of Sheraton hotel has become а focal point of research. The fact that marketing functions provide an answer to the question of how to attract guests under these conditions of ever growing competition gives rise to а thesis that marketing effectiveness, to а large extent (Timberlake pp.34-44), determines the overall market effectiveness of Sheraton hotel. The long-term survival of Sheraton hotel in а competitive environment depends on its ability to satisfy customers’ demand efficiently and effectively (Fan pp.365-79). But in comparison with commercial service operations such as banking, insurance or retail distribution (Trueman pp.317-30), Sheraton hotel sector was slow to implement marketing as а management discipline.

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