Sample Essay

A study was conducted by Kilbourne et al. pertaining to the value of consumerism different cultures. It was revealed that the when materialism was taken in context with development and profitability of oneself as in the case of the US culture, it was considered negative. However when consumerism increased the standards of living of others and effected the community in appositive manner, it was considered advantageous and positive as well.

This is depicted in the case of the US where due to consumerism different people are able to increase their standard of living. The German community however is less affected by consumerism as it is growing ion the region on a very restricted level. “The study encompassed three countries,Canada,Germany, and theUS. The results indicated that both the materialism and value scales were invariant across countries and that the proposed causal model was invariant as well. The relationship between self-transcendence and materialism was negative, and the relationship between self-enhancement and materialism was positive.” (Kilbourne, et al. 2005)

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