Sample Essay

The Gestalt Therapy provides the advantages for the therapists as well as the client in terms of the results delivered. The therapy sessions are easy to set up in individual session forms as well as in the form of group session. The appointment times for the therapy can be kept flexible by the therapist and the client makings it convenient for both. Similarly the payment for the therapy can be negotiated by the therapist and the client while the space required for the therapy is usually not very large. Aside from this the first time clients to a Gestalt Therapy session are less intimidated as they still consider the therapist as a stranger. For more experienced clients however the sessions can be very intimidating.

The Gestalt therapy is one of the pioneer techniques which involve innovative development of psychotherapy theory to aid and change the behavior of the human organisms.  However despite the success of the theory and the therapy, there are significant risks that are associated with Gestalt therapy. These risks pertain to abuse of power on part of the therapist.

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