How we work

Whenever you sit down to do your work it is very important that you divide the work into steps. Dividing the work ensures a couple of things. It gives you a clear understanding of where to start from, It makes sure that you are organized and disciplined, it helps you set specific time that you should give to every step so that you are able to complete all the work on time, it makes sure that in the end there is no work left undone and lastly dividing your work makes you feel that you have less work to do.

We at custom essay live do the same. When we get your order we divide it into steps so that in the end you get the best outcome.

These are the steps that we follow while working on your order

  • Understand

To be able to work on your order it is firstly necessary that we understand what you want from us. For this, it is necessary that you are very clear about your requirements, as any wrong understanding can lead to a lot of confusion which can affect the work. The guidelines you send us are read carefully by specific people and then the order is forwarded.

  • Select writer

Once it is understood what your requirements are, what subject you want us to write on, the order is then forwarded to the appropriate writer. From custom essay lives’ great big team of writers, the writer who is perfect for you and meets your requirements is carefully chosen. It is made sure that the writer who is responsible for writing your paper has the qualification to do so and is not already over burdened with work.

  • Work on the order starts

After the right writer for your project is selected, he/she starts doing research (if necessary) on the topic and finding out as much authentic information as possible. Once all the information is collected the writer starts writing the paper. He/she will make sure that all your requirements such as word limit, quotations, references, bibliography, footnotes etc are met.

  • Proofreading

It is very important that after writing your paper you go through it at least once to proof read it. This polishes your work. Once the writer is done writing your paper, he/she reads it to make sure that there are no mistakes, be it grammatical mistakes, spelling or punctuation errors. If there are any mistakes found they are corrected there and then. The work is then read once more to make sure all the errors have been omitted.

  • Plagiarism

We at custom essay live are very strict and particular about our plagiarism policy. Plagiarism of any kind is not acceptable under any circumstances because we know that it can get you in trouble. The writers make sure that the content they have written is purely new work and 100% plagiarism free. In case if any material is taken from some other sources, credit and reference is given.

  • Order delivery

At this stage your work is complete. The writers after finishing the assignment send it to the person responsible for delivering it to you. This is the same day on which we promised you will get your order.