Sample Essay

Figure 5.0 illustrates the trends associated with the decision to study at a higher education institution.  The purple line clearly shows that most international students are starting to study in their home countries for higher education, which is demonstrated by the corresponding orange line, showing a decrease in international students and a trend that this decrease will continue.

The decision to study in their home country could be related to the increasing realisation that the higher education sector is one which can compete on a global scale, and that there are benefits to be achieved.  For example,ChinaandIndiaare developing their higher education sectors are some institutions are becoming centres of excellence in their own right.  This will probably be more attractive to international students, as it means that they can achieve the same quality of education without investing large amounts of money or uprooting their family and social life to another country.

For instance, if most international students are post-graduate students, then they are likely to have families and/or businesses which would require their attention.  Studying in theUKwould mean that they consider the additional costs of childcare, accommodation and education, which may place a strain on their budgets.  Figure 5.0 also suggests that globalisation could be an influential factor, as mediums such as the internet and increased telecommunications systems have made information and knowledge widely available, which has reduced the need to travel to obtain knowledge.

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