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The Human Resource Division on the other hand is not responsible for the management of the personnel resource, i.e., the contractual and permanent staff in term of their payroll, their development, career counseling as well as for the succession planning. The Human Resource Division is also responsible for the management and payout of the monthly and weekly salaries of the employees as well as the settlement of their loans and credit lines which might be taken by the employees form the company or a dedicated bank. The division also performs functions of providing counseling and psychiatric help to the personnel as and when required.

Through the above mentioned roles of the two departments it can be comprehended, that the responsibilities of managing the communications specific to information technology and network based systems and issues lie with the Information Service Division. The Information Service Division is solely responsible for the management of the LANs, WANs as well as linked networks for teleconferencing and video conferencing through TCP/IP lines. Even the training of the staff for IT and new software is conducted through the Information Service Division.  The information management roles that are part of the Human Resource Department pertain to the management of the documentation and information relating to the job description and documentation of their employee status at the company.

“Every HR department must provide basic information, answer employee and manager questions and complete operational level transactions. These most would agree are the oldest and most elementary of HR services and include: Processing of new-hire documentation, payroll, separations and benefits enrollment/changes; providing answers to employee and manager questions pertaining to policy, benefits, employment law” (Sullivan, 1998)

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