Sample Essay

The network management protocol that is going to be used for the management and monitoring of the network would be the SNMP protocol. This is a set of standards which provide for how the different software and hardware for network management. Through it the networks over the TCP/IP as well as IPX/SPX can be monitored.

The hardware that are going to be used for network management and monitoring pertain to the breakout box, the bit error rate tester, the block error rate tester, the fiber identifier, the cable analyzer, the protocol analyzer as well as other system testing equipment which operates on automation. By using the above mentioned hardware devises for checking the monitoring the system we would be able to assess the voltage values for the digital equipment, determine error in the patterns of bits and blocks being transmitted over the network, locate individuals fivers on the network, as well as assessing the network of the cabling in form of the coaxial cable for continuity of transmission and digital signals. The network activity and response times for the circuits can also be checked as well as the person the activity of decoding data during transmission to reveal what is being transferred on the networks.

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