Sample Essay

Roman Catholic is the dominant and primary religion in Italy. As far as the impact of religion on business is concerned it varies from culture to culture. Mostly in Asian countries people tend to high on religious believes when it comes to business transaction across boundaries and other cultures. However, there are many religions e.g.:- Protestantism that arise optimistic success of the business and on the other hand there are other religions as well in the Italy who looks negatively on the success of the business e.g.:- Catholicism.

It has been taken into account that protestant countries are rich than the countries who follow the Catholicism religion. Moreover, Jewish peoples have a very good reputation in business not just across the Italy but also in the Europe. After the 9/11 attacks the religion became a vital part to do the business around the globe so it solely depends on country to country but the reputation of one’s is a an essential part of doing the business and one should respect others religion and etiquettes when doing the business across the globe. Because religion is one of the vital part which represents the behavior of the person while doing the business. Although it has considered that Italian peoples seems to be more comfortable with other European nations, Jewish and North American countries because of their reliability and success factor around the global dimensions.

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