Sample Essay

Then there is the issue of self-esteem. It is an understood fact that the people with low self-esteem would surely have a problem of being materialistic (Holbrook, 1999). This is because they would feel that they are incomplete, not up to the standard of other “good” people, and they need to improve themselves in order to be accepted in society. Therefore, they become slaves to materialistic things since it is their supposition that branded and expensive items give them attention and notice from others.

Another element connected to self-esteem may be the discrepancy in what they have and what they would wish for. A person may feel that he needs to fulfill his esteem needs and improve his living standards; that he does not have what he wishes for. This creates a discrepancy in his life and thus leads to materialism since he feels if his material needs and luxuries are fulfilled he would get over the discrepancy which, sadly, never seems to actually happen.

Materialistic people have certain issues apart from low esteem. These issues are in relation to the other people around; regarding the society and groups. Such persons are not able to adapt to their environments and do not feel into a group. They are left out due to their anti-social attitude and are not able to mingle with their friends and colleagues. They value material things more than relationships and friendships. It is their view that they only need luxuries, and thus they are not friendly.

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