Sample Essay

Objective: it is a requirement for the armed forces to be having a common fundamental objective and all military operations performed as a whole to be applied toward the gain of that objective. Offensive means to literally offend the enemies, which may be through seizing, retaining and exploiting the creativity. Next comes mass, which means the concentration of the combat power toward a specific area and at a specific time that has been decided. Economy of force is more of a concept for the business-minded. It means that the commander should make sure about the allocation of the minimum necessities he has toward secondary efforts.

Maneuver is the fifth principle which determines one’s forces to disadvantage the enemy through applying power. Unity of command is self-explanatory; it means the whole armed forces should agree with one commander and be willing to follow his orders. Next is security, which refers to the fact that one should remain secure and not allow the enemy to gain over him. Surprise is to hold an unexpected attack at the enemy and simplicity is just the application of clear and precise plans in order that the plan is understood and put into effect.

The commanders of today can easily employ these principles and use them in the planning they perform for a war. Each of these principles appears to be simple enough and is quite realistic and applicable even in today’s era. For instance, it is a well-known and agreed fact that everyone should be having an objective in mind that they plan to achieve through their work, be it at war, business or simply academics. Similarly, the commanders are not to allow the enemies to take advantage of them and this can be possible through proper planning and then application of their plans, and being clear-minded throughout.

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