Sample Essay

The focus of this paper is the Berger report that was released in May 1977. The report relates to the Northern Frontier, the region of Mackenzie and highlights why and how the valley could be the biggest project of its kind. The resultant gas pipeline was eventually to result in an oil pipeline in the area. This project was supposed to require immense infrastructural support. The report presented by Thomas Berger was against the construction of the oil pipeline project. He blatantly stated that the construction of such a project in the area would result in oppression for the native people in the area and would subject the animals to be endangered in their own habitat.

 The approach taken in this paper for commenting and critically stating Berger’s report has been the feminist approach which is the general approach of analyzing and presenting text without siding with any argument that might be taking place. In terms of this paper, the comments are objective and not subjected to bias of any kind.

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