Sample Essay

In order to evaluate the micro environment of the company basically we would have to look at different aspects of the operation that the company undertakes and the business strategies they follow to compete with the competitors. The best way to identify those elements is evaluate company’s internal and external factors such as,


One of the key strength for Sainsbury’s is its management team which is lead by experienced leaders who set standards. According to an article in ‘Times online’ the ‘CEO’ has recently received honour for his contribution in Sainsbury’s. ( 2008)

Recently Sainsbury’s has а growth of straight 13 quarters which shows great commitment to their business (Rigby and Braithwaite 2008). And if we have а look at the 2007 financial year they had а huge 450% increase in profit (after tax) and 7% in overall turnover. (Annual Report 2007)

Sainsbury’s has а positive impression on its customers when take initiatives against Gangmaster (Taylor 2008), in purchasing fair-trade bananas ( 2008) and other environmental issues.

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