Sample Essay

“Consumer decision making process is the decision making processes undertaken by consumers in regard to a potential market transaction before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service” ( )

According to the information research, customers will know more about the products they may like to purchase such as the brand, functions, etc. So that marketers have to design marketing mix for attracting customers.

Marketers have to know the evaluation alternative to determine how customers choose and make decision after they’ve done the information research. Customers will have different attitude of different brand through evaluation alternative. Some customers will evaluate the product by accurate calculate and compare but some customers will buy the products due to the irresistible impulse without logical consideration, some customers will buy the product depends on his own decision or some will seek advice from friends or guidelines (Kotler et al, 2005).

Customers have buying intention based on their information search during evaluation alternative stage. However, the buying intention will be influenced by other people’s attitude or external environment issues such as income, expecting price, etc (Kotler et al, 2005).

Post purchase evaluation will directly affect the customers’ loyalty of the products. If the customer delight with the product or the product meet customer’s expectation, the customer will be the loyalty customer, otherwise the customer may choose other product in his next purchase or share his bad experience with his friend.

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