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(Hendrick & Hendrick, 1987) have suggested a conceptualization along with certain rules that would help in measuring individual approaches toward love relationships and the basis for these is (Lee, 1973) colours-of-love model. According to Lee there are is a typology of six love styles, and three of these have been classified as being primary while the rest are secondary. Lee came to a conclusion of such six kinds of love styles after having extensively researched the literature and after performing a necessary qualitative analysis of intensive interviews of which the participants came from different age groups and ethnicity, culture and backgrounds.

The primary styles of Lee’s model include eros, ludus and storge and the secondary styles are pragma, mania and agape. Explaining these a little, eros is the passion depicted through love. It is when a person is emotionally intensive and needs to be in a psychologically and extremely intimate and open relationship wherein the two are express each other. This is related to eroticism. The lover knows what kind of a partner he or she is looking for and when he finds someone with whom he or she can develop such a relationship, he would pursue that person.

Ludus is a simple game-playing love. In this kind of love the partner feels that love is simply a game even if a bit complicated. The person is therefore not committed to one partner and has affairs with different people.

Storge is when there is friendship and love is the basis of that. This occurs when there have been shared interests and the two persons trust and accept each other. This results after the two have been together for some time and understand each other properly.

Pragma is the practical love. In this kind the person makes sure that his position and place in society suits him. He would rather look for a partner who has similar interests and background since he feels that such a person would make him a good partner for life.

Mania composes the dependent love. This situation is when the person is very intensely and emotionally involved with his/her partner and is very worried and concerned about the other. Such a person may also feel jealous and exclusive easily. He has the sense of insecurity being in the relationship.

Agape is altruistic. It is a selfless love. Such a lover looks for absolute spiritual as well as emotional recognition. He is ready to sacrifice if that would be beneficial for his lover and there may be conflicts within him regarding sexual expression.

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