Sample Essay

The lack of integration of the product at the different levels of development of the project can is also a risk, which is associated with improper planning. This can increase the time of completion of the project.

The lack of project management knowledge was also one of the risks that can be highlighted in the Firecracker Project. The team as well as the project header was unaware of the policies and poricedures to undertake for managing the project. The main risk however that faced the Firecracker Project was the lack of mentors available for the project management team who could provide them with guidelines of managing the project.  If proper guidance and mentoring was provided, a much more successful result would have been attained for the Firecracker Project.

The biggest mistake that was made in the case of Capital Industries was by the line manager who assigned an amateur to conduct a very much experience intensive and crucial stress test of the project for bumper plastic. He sent Paul Troy to do the job who was not only new to the job but also did not know the specific responsibilities and tasks that it would entail. This contributed largely to the over run of costs and time for the project.

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