Sample Essay

The Egyptians drew pictures of their gods but that did not mean that they thought their drawings were a literal representation of those gods. The actual fact was that the people thought the gods’ real forms were mysterious. The pictures actually represented the kind of nature that the god had. For instance, Anubis was the funerary god and his portrayal was done through a jackal, which is a scavenging animal who threatens the preservation of the body. The skin was black which was similar to that of a body which has been mummified plus also fertile soil which was a depiction of the symbol of resurrection. Nevertheless, such iconography cannot be said to be permanent as several of the gods were presented in different forms (Wilkinson 28).

The Egyptians had some common gods that prevailed throughout the culture. Instead, several of the gods had a particular association with certain towns and villages; but this did not mean that those gods were forever worshipped just in that particular area – the associations kept changing with time. An example here can be taken of god Monthu. He was initially the patron of the Thebes, an Egyptian city but later on another god, Amun, took over his place. Similarly, the significance and fame of every god kept changing all the time.

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