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The reason of gun control is to decrease the frequency or gravity of violence by stopping unsafe individuals from getting guns. The major rationale for believing that this will decrease violence is the concept that firearms are more lethal than other likely tools for fighting, so rejecting guns to brutal individuals will decrease the prospect that any wounds they impose will be fatal. Gun use or ownership may furthermore facilitate attacks that else would not have appeared by lower or less aggressors against more mighty or many victims (Kleck 2005). On the other hand, an aggressor’s ownership of а gun can make it pointless for the possessor to strike the casualty to gain control а meager risk suffices, decreasing the prospect of an attack. Gun use can furthermore facilitate robbers undertaking better kept protected but more lucrative goals, permitting them to gain а granted allowance of cash with fewer robberies.

            Further, guns in the hands of misdeed victims and potential victims can discourage endeavors at misdeed or decrease the hurtful penalties of those attempted. Victims who use guns to fight back themselves are less expected to be hurt or misplace house than are non-resisting victims. Widespread ownership and bearing of guns may furthermore discourage some lawless individuals from trying misdeeds, by making the misdeeds appear riskier (Bruce 2006). These violence-reducing consequences perplex efforts to control firearms because they suggest that gun ownership amidst mostly non-criminal victims has violence-reducing consequences, just as ownership amidst lawless individuals has violence-increasing effects. Consequently, the consequences of gun controls are expected to disagree counting on if they constraint guns only amidst lawless individuals and other high-risk assemblies, or limit gun ownership amidst non-criminals as well. Efforts directed at solely high-risk assemblies for example convicted lawless individuals are more expected to have solely violence-reducing consequences, while prohibitionist efforts that would disarm both victims and lawbreakers would have blended consequences on violence (Kleck 2005).

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