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Human behavior is highly volatile and is based on external as well as internal factors of influences. Any changes both internal to the individuals’ environment, as well as those external can affect the behavior of the human in a significant manner. This paper analyses the altering of the morality in humans when they are put in isolation from their routine world and society in an institution where they are provided with power over others.

The removal of the humans from the bonds of the rules and regulations set by society and the related constructs can depict how the cannibalism and the savage history of man can repeat itself through immoral actions. Support for altered human behavior in the face of isolation from social elements is highlighted in the a research conducted by Moll, de Oliveira-Souza, and Eslinger titled ‘Morals and the Human Brain: A Working Model’ which analyzes the effect that evolutionary pressures as well as social elements have on the moral behavior of a human being from the point of view of the psychological processes in the brain. The research depicted that “moral behavior is a product of evolutionary pressures that shaped the neurobehavioral processes related to the selective perception of social cues, the experience of moral emotions and the adaptation of behavioral responses to the social milieu” (Moll, de Oliveira-Souza, & Eslinger, 2003). The authors provided through the research that the psychological processes for cognition “draw upon specific cortical-sub cortical loops that organize social cognition, emotion and motivation into uniquely human forms of experience and behavior.” (Moll, de Oliveira-Souza, & Eslinger, 2003)

The questions pertaining to good and evil and how good people can do evil things when they are isolated from their routine lives and social constructs are explored by Zimbardo who has come up with the term Lucifer Effect for this phenomenon.

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