Sample Essay

The story behind batman is that the character, as a boy, witnesses the murder of his parents which instills in him a burning desire to take revenge and get rid of the evil from the society. Till his parents death the boy had been leading a happy and luxurious life. After that, however, he starts vigorous physical training but then decides that it is not just physical strength that he needs, but also mental abilities. He is pondering over his situation when he sees a bat which inspires him, thus the term “Bat”-man. And with this start his stories. However, later on the character grows up; he has a career and even a fiancée. There are also changes in the characteristics of batman.

The major different between the two comics is the fact that one is reality based while the other is a pure fiction, the story having been strewn from the minds of the author. The kind of narration is also different in that Maus is somewhat of a biography as well while batman is just a plain story of what is happening with the boy, and later man. There is no concern of history in batman while maus is a total reproduction of the historic events and happenings. For batman the authors did not resort to factual research regarding the turn of events as Spiegelman had to in the case of maus. In batman there exists one central character who is considered the hero and he is wealthy, physically prowess, able and obsessed. On the other hand the same cannot be really said about maus since in it there is Vladek, who can be said to be important because of the experiences he has been sharing and using which the author has weaved the story, and there is also his son Art who explores his feelings regarding his father and how he attempted getting at peace with him, plus his perceptions regarding the Holocaust.

In short, both maus and batman are incredible pieces of work but in their own way. They are different from each other regarding the characteristics and features of the comics; one is more from the contemporary times while the other has certain previous-days-features.

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