Sample Essay

Tristan Tzara had been responsible for the bringing up of the Dada movement, and defining it he says that Dada means nothing; or everything, for that matter. He associates with Dadaism such that he says one can do anything simultaneously, even if those actions contradict each other. His thinking such as hating common sense applies to the concept of Dadaism.

Tzara considers a work of art to be nothing. According to him it should not be admired since it is not a beauty; rather, it is something that is dead. And since art is not beautiful, whatever criticism it gets is also dead, or of no value. Art only misguides one and thus there was the necessity of coming up with a movement such as Dadaism which would allow for the idea of mistrust present everywhere in the society. Here if we compare the futurist Mondrian we will find differences between him and Tzara. The former takes art to be the “plastic expression of our aesthetic emotion”, and that it is the immutable that gives art the expression it has.

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