Sample Essay

Alcoholics Anonymous is a self-supporting group that aims at the betterment of the general society. It is not a government organization. It is available without any kind of fee and can be accessed in several different cities and villages across the globe. There are also some philanthropists who make some donation for the organization and help continue with its service. And it is always good to pay for the service if one is able to in order that others who are not self-sufficient are also able to avail its services.

National Institute on Drug Abuse survives on donations. Its funding is done by means of congressional appropriations although the organization also gets donations for supporting the research it conducts.


Alcoholics Anonymous has been a very important group and has benefited a lot of people around the globe. The organization has received several awards as well for the service it has been providing to society. For instance it was presented with the Volunteer Action Award in 1983 by President Reagan. However, even though the health resource is viewed favorably by so many people, there are still some who think that it is just a cult. Their thinking is that it is the group itself that causes such mass addiction.

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