Sample Essay

If we compare the Renaissance and Baroque artist with the Abstract Expressionism it would be very clear and valid if it would be said that today’s artists are facing a lot of confrontation in regard to the difficult marketing and business decisions as compared to their partners of previous times[1].

Previously, there had been more clarity within the terms of art and business as compared with the contemporary times. However, previously the artist was seen to be a kind of a craftsman; today he is considered to be an icon. Such a transformation has taken place during the last few centuries and has had a major part to play in the determining of the way the society considers and views the artists.

Consider the Baroque period here. During those times the artists had started moving toward gaining an iconic identity. Nevertheless, in spite of that they were much bound with the relationship toward society which had been developing since so very long. The society looked upon the artists of the Baroque period as being craftsmen; someone similar to carpenters and guilders. The idea of patronizing just one church prevailed and there were limitations on the subject matter that they could indulge in.

[1] Ring Surf. “Latest in art… or the fate of starving artist”, (accessed October 28, 2010).

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