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Essay: Dropouts in the Las Cruces Public School District

Sample Essay The study aims at critically and comprehensively reviewing the state of high school dropouts in the Las Cruces Public School District and the reason behind the drop-out. Additionally, the study endeavours to determine the differences in the school dropout rates across gender, age, and race within Las Cruces Public School (LCHS). Specifically, the study will look at the dropout rates of the residential population in the Las.  In so doing, the study will […]


Essay: Improving the country’s education system

Sample Essay According to Boe, Cook and Sunderland (2007), the state of New Mexico had a graduation rate of 65 per cent in the year 2007, one of the lowest in the United States. The same year saw only 58 per cent of African Americans high school students in the state graduate. On the other hand, 74 per cent of white Americans graduated, indicating that there is a significant difference in the graduation rates among […]


Essay: Staffing at Synergy Marketing Company

Sample Essay The staffing of the proper people at all levels of the management for a company which is expanding into a new market is very important, however it is more important for the company to provide special attention to the staffing policies pertaining to managing the recruitment and staffing of people at the top management. This is because this management tends to identify and define the strategies of the companies as well as provide […]


Essay: Robotics in Japan

Sample Essay  Japanese popular culture has also consistently portrayed robots in a positive light, ever since Japan created its first famous cartoon robot, Tetsuwan Atomu, in 1951.


Essay: Robots Replacing Humans

Sample Essay Many workers from low-wage countries are eager to work inJapan. The Philippines, for example, has over 350,000 trained nurses, and has been pleading with Japan–which accepts only a token few–to let more in.


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