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Essay: Standardize Documentation

Sample Essay Standardize Documentation: The documentation related to the products, parts, and the car design that are put online will need to be standardized in order to ensure that all stakeholders can review the information and comprehend it without having to indulge in the technical jargon. The writing in the documentation and the graphs all would need to be standardize din their requirements.


Essay: Strategy adopted by Segway

Sample Essay “Market penetration pricing is a quick-entry price strategy that assumes low price will gain high sales volume which, in turn, will result in lowering costs” (Bovay). Using this strategy the company would have could have charged a price of $1,000 to $1,200 for the product initially, with price being increased for customized versions, and those with upgrades in the later stage.


Essay: Strategies to be adopted by Dell

Dell needs a new set of strategies in order to come out of this turmoil. Dell needs to re focus on their vision and business concept. Dell has always been different and unique and also bold in their strategies. Since they were the pioneers in direct sell model and they focused on customer satisfaction more than anything thus also providing customization and increased value for a lesser price. Their strategy was more for less. Dell […]


Essay: Respiratory syncytial virus

RSV is the common cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infants and young children and also a major cause of morbidity in this age group. RSV infection is usually seasonal and peaks in the winter months from November to March (Aitken, 2001). RSV is usually spread by large droplets which are shed in the respiratory secretions of infected individuals. These droplets persist in the environment for some time and can be inhaled through the nose […]


Essay: Risk Management at Melbourne Food Festival

The festival is supported fully by government organizations since it’s for a national cause so there are no legal issues. But there are certain risks and they are as follows (Melbourne, 2009).  :


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