Have you completed your essay? Great job, but wait for a moment and think is it enough to get a good grade? Offcourse not, your job is half done yet as you must revise it to locate possible errors in your essay. Many students in high school often make this mistake that once they complete writing their essay they put it aside and submit it the professor as is without revising it and as a result they fail to impress their professors by leaving their essays with too many errors. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as how you can revise your essay once you complete it as you must do it to stand a chance of getting a good grade. Below are some very useful points for you to consider.

Put it aside for a Moment

Once you complete your essay put it aside for a while as your ability to revise it with a critical eye may not be their temporarily. Just go somewhere do something else and put your mind off the essay. Return after a while with fresh eyes and mind. With a fresh mind you will be able to find errors and fix them.

Start with the Introduction

Often introduction is the most complicated part of an essay as it sets the tone for the readers. Ask yourself being a reader that is the introduction attention grabbing. Does it have contents to engage readers thoroughly? Is it structured properly using correct grammar and sentences? Is it briefly introducing the key points? Look at the thesis statement and judge whether it is appropriate? Thoroughly check the introduction and make changes where necessary.

 Revise the Conclusion

Once you have made alterations in the introductory part where necessary move on to the conclusion. The conclusion is an integral part of an essay as it is where you provide solutions and suggestion to an existing problem that has been discussed in the main body. Ask yourself whether the conclusion is merely the repeat of what you have already discussed if so make alterations by highlighting only the key arguments and the thesis statement as a reminder to the reader about what an essay is really all about. A conclusion should never be a summary of the entire essay rather it should briefly focus on the key arguments that have been discussed and possible suggestions or solutions to a problem along with restatement of the thesis. It should be precise and direct with not more than a paragraph consisting of four to five sentences.

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