Sample Paper

The purpose of this paper is to highlight why a consumer should select a MAC operating system over the Windows PC. Both Mac and PC are popular operating systems, readily available in the mainstream market catering to the various needs of the consumers. While the basic functionality of the operating system on a computer is the same, both operating systems differ in terms of their characteristics and the specific benefits that they provide to the end user.

Through this paper a justified argument, supported by evidence based on books and scholarly journals, is presented on why consumers should look towards adopting a Mac computer instead of one based on Windows PC.

The Macs of today are highly evolved with better reliability, speed, performance security and customizations offered to the users as opposed to the PCs. The consistency of the Macs, along with their predictability, the low level of security and virus threats as well as the increased solutions provided by Apple for Mac users makes Macs a better choice for users instead of a PCs.

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