Negative impact of globalization on culture

Globalization is a concept that has erupted few decades earlier. It is a way of uniting different nations economically, politically and culturally. There is no denying the fact that there are innumerable advantages of globalization. However, neglecting the dramatic impacts of globalization will not do justice to anyone. People believe that consolidating different cultures by means of globalization actually abolishes the differences between them, but the truth is contradictory. Globalization is a trend which can be taken as an open threat to the native cultures due to the domination of one particular global culture.

The globalized culture is an abstract idea of a culture which represses the native cultures of different nations. The dominating Hollywood movie and music industry has devalued the local cultures of most of the societies. Each year thousands of Hollywood films hit the Box-office. Apart from that, Hollywood music industry has also outshined other music industries. Due to the domination of Hollywood culture, people have started to mold their lives according to it. As a result of this, the breach between people and their local and native culture is becoming wider day by day. Teenagers lack the values their processors used to have in the past. They now carry new values which are being adopted from the globalized culture of Hollywood film and music industry.

Hollywood movie industry is also responsible for the false depiction of many other cultures of the world. As these false depictions of different cultures hit the screens, these instill hatred for a particular sect of people. The stereotype of a sect even encourages people to detest member of that particular sect. The recent hatred for all Muslims is a good example of the detestation promoted by the stereotype for the Muslim culture.

There are many people who believe that there is nothing wrong with the promotion of a single dominating culture. Moreover, they assert that there is no benefit of clutching to a culture of the past in this modern world. These people certainly do not know the importance of a local culture. The native culture defines the overall personality of a person which separates him from the people of other cultures.

The encouragement of a global culture does shatter the differences between people but on the other hand, it also devalues the existence of other primitive native cultures which have a great importance in defining the personality of an individual. Therefore, serious measures must be taken to preserve native cultures from the negative impacts of globalization.