Social interaction is a social process and it influences the interacting bodies in a tangible manner. Interaction is a process of change. This change can be measured mathematically; hence, the effects can be predicted. The following are the factors of measuring interactions.

  • Frequency:

The interaction among people can be measured in term of its numbers. As how many times an interaction has taken place between two persons or groups. The more the number of interaction the more the influence among them. The degree of influence depends upon the number of interactions.

  • Duration:

This factor measures the time span of a particular interaction. However, the longer time span not necessarily has the positive effect upon the listeners, but it is a necessary factor while measuring a social interaction and its influence.

  • Intensity:

The intensity of interaction can be measured in terms of its intensity. How far an interaction has affected the situation can be measured by its result of the feedback of the decoder (receiver of the message). If the results are positives than we can say that, there was a great intensity in the interaction. The intensity can also be measured by analysis the emphasis of an interaction.

  • Focus:

Every interaction has a focal point. The attention of audience ( single person or a group) is diverted towards the main subject matter of the interaction. If the focus of an interaction has something to do with the audience, then they are more likely to give a positive response. However, if the audience has no interest in the topic of discussion then they will have a negative feedback.

By calculating the aforementioned factors, we are able to judge the influence of an interaction on the interacting bodies. If the interaction stretched to a long period, its effects can be predicted on the receiver.  Individuals can even work on their interactions skills by focusing these factors. The appropriate length, frequency, intensity, and focus must be considered to have an ideal interaction.

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