Mass Communication

Mass communication is a process of dissemination of news and information to one another. The media or the medium used for this purpose are the press (newspapers, books, and magazines), radio, television, the internet, and pictures. These mediums perform a large function that is the fellow of information, education, and entertainment in a society. Without these mediums, one can hardly imagine the fellow of information to a large group of people. Due to these mediums, the fellow of information to a wider range has become possible. One can know about the recent events happing around the world just by accessing mass media.

Print Media

The press and the newspapers including magazines are categorized as print media. Since the invention of printing in 1446 A.D by William Caxton, the speed of news spreading has been increasing. During 19th and 20th centuries, this process had become so popular that in Britain the number of newspapers sold exceeded the number of houses.  Books also come in this category and since ages, these written scripts have been serving the purpose of education and entertainment.

Broadcast Media

News reports or programs that reach the audience via radio and television; these mediums are known as broadcast media.  Through radio, audience gets information or news through sound and as for television, this sound is accompanied by pictures- motion pictures or static pictures.


Electronic Media

Electronic media is the invention of 20th century. With the advent of the internet, there comes and the additional medium through which people cannot only get information on reading news but can also connect with different people even across their geographical territory.  Information and news about this type of media are either in written form accompanied by pictures and images or sometimes in video format.

 Social Media

Emerged as the latest medium, social media has become so much popular among the people all around the globe. Before the emergence of social media or social portals, the internet was mainly used for the purpose of new gathering and data collection, however, the introduction of social media in the picture has changed the way people connect and share information. Now news channels are not the only source of information, people can know what is going around the world just by using these social forums. Moreover, people can get exposed to the different perspectives of a particular event an can judge the reality by their own.