Luis Suarez’s Transformation

Luis Suarez has gain a reputation worldwide gained the years as a serial biter. From Bakkal Ivanovic to  Chiellini, no one seems safe from the perennial man biter from South America. But ever since the third incident in the World Cup 2014 and the consequent ban on the player from all football-related activity, there has been noticed a change in the former-liverpool man. Suarez does not seem to be as hot-headed as he once was. Something about his move to Barcelona perhaps has caused something in him to change, because even though defenders now seem more intent than ever to get under his skin and force some violent reaction from him, they cannot seem to do anything other than to fuel his desire to do his absolute best for his team. As a result, Barca have benefitted the most and he has been recording goals and assists non-stop alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar in arguably the most deadly trio in attacking talent that football has ever seen.

It just goes to show much it can help wayward players to correct their ways if they have a caring family and an accepting environment around him. After the Chiellini incident, Suarez was treated like he had murdered someone. But the player is due credit, as he has bounced back in the most convincing manner possible, winning the treble in his first season with the Catalan giants, playing a pivotal role in all of the competitions he has played in. He has regained his reputation as the deadliest number 9 in world football, and his mere presence is enough to ensure Barca two goals at least in most matches these days. It is a prime example of a player keeping his head down and performing until he can silence his critics for good. It is time that the footballing community world wide gave the man the acceptance that his good behavior deserves, especially with how much it helps him do well.