Success is usually defined as a material success. There is no denying the fact that one can turn his/her dreams in reality if he/she is financially strong. A person drowned to the neck in the sea of his debts can never claim himself/herself as a successful person nor can he/she live a happy and stressful life. Even those people who define success as having a successful familial or social life agree that a successful familial life could not be achieved without sufficient monetary acquisition. Simply put, financial success is a gateway to a content life and to all other successes. There are people who are of the opinion that “lucky” people have enough monetary worth to turn their dream of success into reality. This implies that it is luck not hard work and determination which guarantee your success. However, the truth is quite contrary. Luck has nothing to do with the success.

There is a common understanding that if a person is born to the purple he/she is very lucky because he/she owns own enough fortune to claim his/her success. However, such claims to the success are temporary. A success achieve without hard work is not even a success in its real sense. No one born a successful person, everyone has to own the title of being a successful person with constant hard work and struggle. The lawful ways of clutching the “success goddess” are education and a career. Those people who excel academically are highly likely to have better career opportunities which lead them to their path of success.  Even if a person is lucky enough to get a job without a higher degree, he/she has a content fear of losing his/her job due to his/her lack of knowledge and less experience as compared to a person with a university degree and years of experience.

The hard work is the key to success. The classic American play “the Death of the Salesman” by Arthur Miller perfectly demonstrate the important of hard work. In the play the protagonist was in a constant delusion that success can be achieved without hard work, he/she believe that it is the charisma not hard work which guarantees one’s success. His/her delusion cost him/her a tragic death. On the other hand, his/her not-so-good-looking neighbor and his/her son become successful in their lives due to their hard work and struggle. In a nutshell, one has to sweat himself/herself to his/her way of success, because success would not be served to him/her in a plate of luck.