My Left Foot- Movie Review

Can you imagine a life where all you have is your left foot which you can use to work? Can you imagine life of those people who born with physical deformities and still find a way to live life like other normal people? It can indeed be very difficult for a person to live especially when most of his limbs do not function and all he has is his left foot which he can use to. This is a similar story of a man named Christy Brown, who had cerebral palsy and he only had his left foot which responded. Christy Brown was born in Dublin in a poor large family. He was considered as hopelessly retarded in the first ten years he was born. Later he went on to discover that only his left foot was functional and that too with quite a big struggle. One day while lying on the floor he picked up a piece of chalk from his left foot and wrote a word on the floor. Except his mother everyone in the family was amazed to see Christy using his left leg and writing on the floor.

This story of Christy Brown is one of the best inspirational stories of sheer courage and determination. Just like Helen Keller who was blind by birth, Christy Brown too had a very tough life with only his left leg functional and that too with quite a struggle.

My Left Foot by Jim Sheridan is the story of Christy Brown’s life in which there is a lesson for everyone to learn. It is a very inspirational true story and it teaches ordinary people with normal lives that if one has determination and courage he can surpass any mountain no matter how high it is.

Christy Brown’s family never decided to send him to a home being handicapped. It decided to keep him as he was. One day his father went to a pub and considered that his son was handicapped. He decided that Christy will be raised as a part of his family and that decision went on to change the prospects of his son. Christy, being handicapped was highly intelligent and if his father would have decided to send him to a home his life would probably have destroyed.

It is one of those movies that everyone must watch as there is a very strong message in it. Most of us feel miserable when things are not going our way, but the story of Christy Brown teaches us to have patience and be thankful to the Almighty for what we have because there are several people out in the world who struggle with different types of deformities and physical ailments that keep them from progressing in life. Those having courage and determination like Christy Brown make it big no matter what the circumstances are.