The body is the main part or the meat of the essay. This is where you provide information, discuss arguments, and explain the topic in detail. If not written in a proper manner the body of an essay may appear to be a jumbled mess of words making no sense. Follow the easy steps below to write a good, clear body for your essay.


Write down pointers of what will come first and what will follow. Sometimes you have a lot of good information and ideas but still fail to make an impression with your teacher because you were not able to convey your information and ideas properly. Therefore it is important that before writing the body make points of where you will start from and where you will end.


As your body is the main part of your essay, make sure that it is not as brief as the introduction and the conclusion. If it is a standard essay allot 3 paragraphs to the body. The body of your essay should be elaborate enough so that all the points are included in it and explained in detail, leaving no room for confusion for the reader.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement that you give in the introduction has to be explained in detail in the body of the essay. You should make sure that each paragraph of the body is linked with the thesis statement and that some part of the thesis statement is talked about in each of the paragraphs.

Provide information

In the body of your essay provide all the information, facts & figures evidence counter arguments etc of the topic. If for e.g. the essay is an argumentative one you will provide your argument, the reason for it, the counter argument, the reason for it, all in the body of your essay.

Individual paragraphs

Write the paragraphs in such a way that although all of them support the main topic i.e. the thesis statement yet they are individual subtopics themselves. To make this point clearer take the paragraphs to be individual human beings supporting the same cause but having different opinions, reasons and ways of doing it.

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