Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Insecurity / fear Weapons carried due to high level of insecurities
Possessing a gun makes one feel confident
Carrying a gun in order to avoid the fear of being rejected by friends
Peer Acceptance Having a gun is considered macho
Possession of weapons increases respect amongst friends
Having a gun earns inclusion into a group/ gang
Ease of Acquisition Guns and weapons are easily accessible
Friends have contacts that can provide weapons
Lending of weapons amongst peers is common place
Unresolved Conflict Ongoing discrepancies between peers
Peers encouraging conflicts for personal gain
Conflicts caused due to personal values resulting in battles
Substance Abuse Peers actively use drugs
Peers actively indulge in social alcohol consumption
Presence of social gathering of peers where substance abuse is commonplace
Negative Role Modeling Peers who serve as role models/ mentors use guns/weapons actively
Presence of mentors in street gangs
InappropriateĀ  role models from action movies


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