Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Substance abuse Substance abuse runs in the family
Elders openly consume drugs in front of children
Children observe their elders indulging in substance abuse and violence in the house
Poorly defined family roles Parents do not have defined roles in the household
Violence is considered to be the solution to any problem in the family
Violence is encouraged by family members instead of restricting it
Insufficient security Parents/family members have personal security issues
Lack of confidence and self esteem can promote violence in the household
No one in the household stands against violence
Multiple Exposures Action Movies
Glamorized action sequences and programs targeted towards children
Exposure form console games and internet
Unsupervised Viewing Adolescents have access to uncensored TV/ media
Parents / family members do not restrict TV viewing
Parents watching action movies in front of children
Unrealistic Solutions Hero fighting villain using violence in good vs. evil battle.
Belief violence solves all problems
Promotion of violence based movies as blockbusters


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