Sample Essay

The current international marketing strategy also suggests that the principles of internationalism are still being followed despite the growing globalisation of the higher educational sector.  However, what is even more intriguing is that international marketing of higher education institutions in the UK is centrally controlled by the British Council, which enables all institutions to have a fair chance at recruiting and to concentrate on the provision of good quality education; but at the same time this policy has meant that some institutions are left without any marketing skills or experience which globalisation seems to demand.

To understand the threat facing the UK higher education institutions, one has to understand the international marketing methods and techniques employed by its former partners.  The UK higher education sector is not only competing with other English language speaking countries like the United States, Australia and Canada, but it is also competing with non-English speaking countries like France, Germany, Japan, Russia, India and other European countries, who are offering educational programmes in English.  TheUK’s main marketing points were its educational quality; the fact the language of instruction was English, the international recognition of its educational programmes and the shorter duration of the educational programmes (UKCGE 1999).  However, these advantages and key selling points could be easily replicated and copied by other institutions, as was proven by the offering of educational courses in other non-English speaking countries.

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