Sample Essay

The tourism industry is a highly dynamic and competitive industry which is competitive on both the local as well as on the international scale. The main activities that take place in the tourism industry pertain to management of the inflow and the out flow of tourists, hospitality management as well as special event managements.

While hospitality is a separate field of study, event management particularly in the tourism industry is considered to be a combination of three factors, people, process and technology. This involves the organization to take initiative to “consider your audience, decide how important catering to them is to you, and decide what you want from your audience. Once you have collected data on your audience, you should create a spreadsheet to determine what is needed. If the event has occurred in the past, getting past data is helpful.” (Waters, 2007) The following paper provides the importance of human resource, finance, risks as well as logistics management for companies and organizations when managing events specially pertaining to the tourism industry.

Conclusively it can be summarized that event management is a very dynamic business especially for the tourism industry where it is much more exposed to risks and environmental impacts from the local as well as the international regions. Additionally the most important function of event management that has been highlighted is the financial management, but the management of the logistics, the management of the risks as well as the management of the human resource is equally important as well for a successful event planning and management. This is because event management tends to focus on the coordination on the different functions which result in the final event as planned by the project/ event management committee.

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